Great Camping Trip

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Another year, another family vacation.

Generally, our family vacations were train wrecks but still very fun. I have a big family. Three brothers and then me, the little girl. We took all kinds of family endeavors. These little endeavors of ours usually turned out with a few mishaps in between all the exciting adventuring. One year my brother smashed his glasses with an ATV while in the mountains of New Mexico. Another year I fell asleep in the sun face up, with my arms raised above my head and got sun burn all over my body including my armpits. These are just a few family tragedies throughout our years vacationing. However, each year came with a new exciting experience we would treasure forever.

This year my parents had decided to haul us all off into the canyons of Arizona. We would be taking a big family camping trip. This year our trip would take place the second week of June for a week.
All of our vacations generally lasted a week however, we had never stayed in the wilderness for a whole week together. I guess you could say I was a little worried for my sanity. That Monday we all loaded into my dads red Toyota truck. We started from our small town read for about a five hundred mile drive. I plugged my headphones into my phone and began to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. Continue reading “Great Camping Trip”