Last Weekend’s Canyon Camping

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So, as the title suggests, I went camping last weekend (surprise there) and guess where I chose to camp at? That’s right! Grand Canyon State Park! I know that some of you might say that it’s boring or so overdone, but I don’t care. It’s a beautiful place that never gets old, at least to me.

Didn’t go by myself of course, brought Brooks with me. First rule of camping, don’t go by yourself! We’ve had a ton of fun and have taken a few pics. Unfortunately he asked me not to post them here and I’m gonna honor his request because I forgot my camera and used his the whole weekend.

That brings me to rule number 2, don’t forget your camera at home, like someone we both know 😉 I wouldn’t say that we’ve suffered greatly without my camera, but imagine if both of us had forgotten the cameras…Yup! No pictures, just memories and I love the pictures! Continue reading “Last Weekend’s Canyon Camping”

Unexpected Happiness

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I sat and watched as the river stream flowed crisp and clean down the rocks right before it hit the edge and fell down the slope to the more rapid and violent parts. That is sort of how life is. You’re going slow and soft moving, no ripples and no disruptions in the flow.

Then you hit a rock and everything becomes chaotic and fast moving and you feel out of control. My mother had decided to take us all on a road trip this summer. At first I felt as though I couldn’t even count it as a road trip. We were going to the Verde River. We already live in Arizona so the trip wasn’t too far, especially since we weren’t leaving Arizona. I was furious with my mother. She was forcing me into a road trip the first week of summer and I didn’t even want to go. The second day after school let out, we all hopped into my dads Dodge and hit the road. I wouldn’t even look at my mother.

I had planned to go to the amusement park with all my friends as we had planned to and now my mother was forcing me to miss out on everything. When we finally arrived at the campsite, I noticed I had no signal on my phone. Great. Now I would be stuck with my only my family. No escape from them for an entire week. My younger brother jetted out of the car towards the woods. Continue reading “Unexpected Happiness”

Sweet Home Alabama

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Right off the bat you must be wondering… Why Alabama? Well, I went camping there last week with an old friend of my that I haven’t seen in forever.

Mike and I have know each other since the 5th grade and have recently reconnected after he called out of the blue and invited to stay at the McCoy’s RV Park in Mobile, Alabama. He lives there with his brother and they run a small asphalt paving company. is their new website if any of you care to check it out.

I didn’t used to think much of the state itself in terms of camping and recreation, but I gotta tell ya… It has plenty to offer. It might not be all mountain lakes and canyons, but the forest and wildlife there is just fascinating. During my stay at the campground, we’ve explored the nearby areas and Mike also took me around to explore and learn me the history of Mobile. I could tell how proud he was to be a resident, so I didn’t want to disappoint. Continue reading “Sweet Home Alabama”


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Ever raced a horse?

No too many can say that they have, but I can tell you for sure that it’s one of the craziest things one can experience.

Everyone has heard of car racing, dune buggies and all that goo stuff. It’s adrenaline pumping, isn’t it?! Sure it is, and the best part is that you’re in control, unless of course you start drifting off the track.

Car are awesome and everything, but there’s one thing that makes it a very different experience from horse racing…

It’s the human to animal interaction!

When you’re sitting in the car and using the controls like the steering wheel, pedals and the gear stick to operate and “be in charge” of the vehicle, it’s totally different from the feeling you get when you’re communicating with a living animal who’s taking your living body through desert. You’re surrounded by canyons, spiky bushes and rattle snakes! Just you, your horse and miles of desert ahead of you both… It’s a phenomenal feeling to connect like this! Continue reading “Gabby”

Great Camping Trip

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Another year, another family vacation.

Generally, our family vacations were train wrecks but still very fun. I have a big family. Three brothers and then me, the little girl. We took all kinds of family endeavors. These little endeavors of ours usually turned out with a few mishaps in between all the exciting adventuring. One year my brother smashed his glasses with an ATV while in the mountains of New Mexico. Another year I fell asleep in the sun face up, with my arms raised above my head and got sun burn all over my body including my armpits. These are just a few family tragedies throughout our years vacationing. However, each year came with a new exciting experience we would treasure forever.

This year my parents had decided to haul us all off into the canyons of Arizona. We would be taking a big family camping trip. This year our trip would take place the second week of June for a week.
All of our vacations generally lasted a week however, we had never stayed in the wilderness for a whole week together. I guess you could say I was a little worried for my sanity. That Monday we all loaded into my dads red Toyota truck. We started from our small town read for about a five hundred mile drive. I plugged my headphones into my phone and began to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. Continue reading “Great Camping Trip”